Brave/Chrome (/Chromium?) won't allow access to a site that FF does

  • Windows 8.1 laptops

There are some Chrome/Brave crossover issues here, but please hear me out, as they seem connected.

My wife uses Chrome and has long (yet not always) had issues logging into the Virgin Mobile Canada website – – while using Firefox (as I have for ages) would let me log in with the same info and password no problem, and it has always been that way.

I switched to Brave a couple of weeks ago and had to log into Virgin Mobile Canada for the first time this morning, and just as my wife experiences with Chrome, Brave wouldn’t let me log in. I loaded up Firefox and using the same info via the same synced password manager I use in Brave, was able to get in without a problem.

To clarify: Using Chrome and Brave, we aren’t getting error messages on the site, but after we enter our account info and password, the site just wipes out the password and expects it again. Rinse and repeat. FF has always allowed me in on the first go.

One important note is that my wife used to be able to access the Virgin Canada website with Chrome, with no problem. She doesn’t recall exactly when the login problem arose, but it’s been several months at least, but not getting into years.

She’s already tried clearing her history and cache, and that had no effect on being able to log into the site.

I know Brave and Chrome are both based on the Chromium FOSS, so the fact that both browsers are having issues connecting to the same site doesn’t particularly surprise me, I’m just confused about why that issue is happening at all.

I’m hoping someone may be able to tell me what options/toggles/settings I need to change on Brave in order to access that site without issue, which will then (I’m hoping) be able to troubleshoot my wife’s issues with Chrome as well.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

Log on to the website and then report it to Brave, by clicking Ξ next to the address bar and choosing “report website” at the bottom.


Thanks for the suggestion. Done, although when reporting a broken site it says that it’ll report a site ‘not working properly with Shields’, and that’s not the specific issue at hand, as I did try knocking Shields down and logging in and it still didn’t work for me… BUT, this is perhaps still the best way to raise their awareness of some kind of issue with the site, so much appreciated.

Good afternoon –
As an odd update to this issue, I verified that accessing the website by our two Windows laptops–as a refresher, one using Chrome and one using Brave, but both of course based on the Chromium FOSS–is still a problem, BUT I can access the website using Brave on an old Mac, and I can access it using Brave on my Android.
So the issue is now narrowed down to not being able to log in on a Windows laptop only.

Thanks for your continued interest in this issue!

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