Bank login website hanging , won't send code

This just started occuring. After choosing my account type and then entering my login name, the website pops up " sign in to consumer e-banking". You get a spinning daisy wheel, which keeps spinning and says “working”. It will not complete to the next step, which is a box for the code to be sent.
Chrome :
Next website after login:

Tested with Chrome browser and works fine.

Can you test the following, let me know if it helps. @Stoxguy

Add this into brave://adblock (custom filters, then save), tmx_post_session_params_fixed)

I copied and pasted the command line into the custom filters box. I then opened a new window. The same big occurs. I don’t know how to save the command line in the custom filter box

Brave version: 1.45.116, Chromium 107.0.5304.91
Android 11 ; Build /RRHS31.Q3-46-110-13

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