Can't access Scotiabank online banking

I tried to access online banking with Scotiabank but was unable to login.
A message popped up after a few minutes indicating that online banking was unavailable and to
try again later. I tried again in a few hours with the same negative result.
When I attempted again in the morning with the same result I then switched to Chrome and was able to login immediately.

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Checking with other fellow team members, seeing if they can replicate it.

Does disabling Ads/Trackers in shields affect it?

Just an update @Spirit84 Checked with a team member who uses Scotiabank, he had no issues logging in. Possibly an server side issue?

Hi fanboynz.
Thanks for trying.
Here is what I tested - also please note that I am not a techie person.
I tried the following on the 3 browsers on my desktop:
I typed the following into the search bar: Scotiabank Online.
I clicked on the correct line and:
Both Chrome and Edge worked flawlessly and fast.
Brave will not work - the indicator on the top tab keeps spinning for a few minutes.
After these minutes I finally reach the sign in page and when I try to sign in I see a Scotiabank message indicating
that online banking is offline at the moment, which of course, it isn’t.
Any ideas?

screenshot of the error message? Does it occur in private window mode?

I turned off Shields and that did nothing.
I don’t know if I am in private window mode but since I didn’t go there I doubt that I am there!
Here is a screenshot:

BTW: I was slightly mistaken.
This page appears after I click on the following page. It won’t even take me to the sign in credentials page:

Since I’m receiving errors, I had to make an image (sorry)

I tried both of the links:
Without “new private window” - no go as before.
With new private window = perfect! I was able to login to my account both times!!
What does this tell you?

Try this,

  • Disable all extensions.
  • Maybe clearing cookies and cache/storage.

Revisit the link that works for you.

If it fails, try a clean Brave profile.

Ok I will try all this tomorrow as I am going to bed now.
Just a couple of quick questions before I go nite nite:
1: how do I do a clean Brave profile (sorry for the beginner question)?
2: why is this happening at all?

  1. Brave menu on the right, create new profile
  2. Unsure, just normal troubleshooting the issue currently to find out

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