Popup box to enter password broken, cannot do anything with wallet

I’m having an issue with Brave Wallet where the popup to enter my password to send funds or connect my wallet is unusable. It appears for a split second, then becomes a tiny grey square. See here:


I’m not able to transfer any of my funds while it’s like this. Any suggestions? I can only access the wallet through the drop down menu, and enter the password there.

Any fixes/solutions?

@GumberGoob please don’t open the link the other guy provided. It is a new way to scam people on the community.

@Mattches @saoiray please have this deleted.

Thank you for reaching out. Not entirely sure why this is happening — can you please tell me what version of the browser you’re using at this time? Additionally, did this issue just start happening — that is, were you able to use this pop-up before? Also if you go to brave://wallet (or Settings --> Wallet) does everything appear as expected?

According to the settings menu, I’m on v 1.48.158. And yes, it works just fine when I get to the wallet via the settings or with that URL. Just the popup is broken.

Do you have any extensions installed at this time? Can you try disabling them in the browser and then testing the pop-up again?

Alright I turned them all off. That did the trick.

Quite frankly I feel like an idiot for not trying that myself. Thanks.

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You’re welcome — can you try re-enabling them one at a time so we can find the offending extension?

I’ve enabled and disabled them individually. It seems that having just turning them off and on again seems to have fixed my problem.

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Thank you for the update. Going to mark this as solved but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.