PSA/WARNING: Everyone Read Please

There’s been recent attempts by people claiming to be with Brave Support and requesting information. Brave will never ask you for seed phrases, passwords, for you to send money to them, or anything of the sort.

Below is a screenshot of one such message that was shared by @Chh_68. You can also see on the same topic where a different person is saying they lost 87,000 XRP. That topic is visible at I think a scammer posted a fake link to "support" and stole my seed phrase

scammer message

I’m hoping Brave will have official announcements/reminders for people, but in the meanwhile wanted to put this out there. Always be cautious on information you provide. Once crypto is gone, it usually is irreversible. The same is true with your personal information.


Also had missed this, which I guess I’ll add to my warning.

New Tab - Brave 11_29_2022 01_30_07


This is the scammer, he’s still on here. The first thing I should have done is click on his profile, I foolishly assumed because he offered a support ticket that he’d be legit.

2 years of learning crypto daily, 2 years of everyone warning me not to ever share seed phrases… and I still handed 2 seed phrases to a stranger.

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This is how it happened, it looked legit to me. This is what I saw:

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