Says rewards arrived yesterday but not in Gemini or Brave Browser

If I go to my statement, it says that my rewards arrived and the number, but they don’t show up in Brave or in Gemini. Can somebody help? Appears they are stuck. Thank you!

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I had the same problem as many others. My first thought was to check my Gemini account to make sure it was linked, and I’m getting the “Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged” message.

I noticed another post where the user said the BAT appeared for a couple of seconds then flashed to “0” BAT. That’s what mine did as well.

I wonder if all these other users have been “flagged” as well. I’ve never done anything against the terms so there’s no reason my profile should have been flagged.

I can confirm that my wallet was also “flagged” when claiming the rewards on my first device, yesterday. I claimed rewards on my other device and did not get the flagged notification but still have not received the rewards into Gemini.

One thing I noticed on both devices is the rewards to be claimed were much higher than the estimated rewards. Maybe around 5x higher. I guess we’ll see if this gets resolved or if we go another month without a follow-up from Brave. It’s been going downhill since February or March.

@DJelen and @ctouard

If yours is flagged, best bet is to submit a support ticket

If you’re unsure of reasons why you could be flagged, I wrote a small thing as part of a bigger FAQ earlier this year. You can check it out at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Keep in mind they work on tickets in the order they are received. With this being the beginning of the pay period and there already a known issue with Gemini, it’s possible they have a large number of tickets arriving. In addition, it’s currently Friday and staff primarily works Monday-Friday. So be prepared for it to take a little while for any responses. (hopefully are quick, just want you to realize likely won’t hear back on ticket for at least a few days unless you’re incredibly lucky)

Clearly the flagged notification is caused by an issue on Brave’s side, since this is happening to many users this month. Brave has also addressed that there is an issue and they are working on it.

In the event that Brave does not follow-up with users on this issue being fixed and/or rewards do not make it to my Gemini account, I will submit a support ticket. But as we have seen in many other posts, support tickets have been extremely unhelpful for users for this issue.

They haven’t said that. This is you making assumptions. All they said is there’s been a problem with payouts to Gemini that they are working to resolve. If you see where anyone from Brave has said people getting flagged is part of it, please point it out.

Okay. I just was advising you submit it now so it at least is there for them to see. Longer you wait, longer it will take to get help.

Not sure who “we” might be, but it’s not including me. The majority of people who I’ve referred to submitting tickets all got their issues handled. The few who didn’t usually had not submitted documentation that was requested.

You would be right in saying that unfortunately, there’s not too many people that stop to comment “Brave responded and fixed my problem!” They should, but people just don’t like to check off Solved on topics or give updates to other users.

Looks like Brave fixed (or is in process of fixing) the issue!

I received my BAT this afternoon. I did submit a support ticket.

Thank you Brave Team.

Am I not allowed to make assumptions if I’ve read multiple posts of this happening to users and experiencing it myself? Shutting down my comment by calling it an assumption doesn’t change the fact that it’s happened to multiple users. I’m allowed to draw my own conclusions whether or not Brave has made a statement about it. For me to go back to the same device and be able to re-connect my wallet after being unable to yesterday from it being “flagged” leads me to believe it was an issue on their end, not mine. In the end, I can have that opinion and can freely post it in this forum. If you want to play defense, that is also your choice, but it will not stop me from posting my experiences that relate to others’.

If you would like to exclude yourself from the “we” portion of my comment, that’s fine. If I need to say “As I have seen”, fine. I’ve been using Brave long enough to know that it’s getting worse. Again, an opinion, but I would rather have the payout structure from a year ago. I had no complaints. I’m sure others would agree but I will own that assumption and stand by it from experience and hours of reading different threads.



I have to support you. What is happening with some, maybe many, users is on Brave’s side. There is a pattern, and it happened already before when the “reconciliation” bug was fixed and some (many?) users suddenly got more BAT than usual because they were just rolled over since January. Apparently the “flag” algorithm compares the amount of BAT.

@Saoiray is a good guy. He is a Crusader. He helps us all in this community, without getting anything in return. He wastes his own time (and money) to help us. I can only praise his work. But, yes, sometimes he wears the t-shirt of Brave and does not listen carefully to the evidences.
However, we can always count on him :slight_smile:
So, don’t get it personally

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Thanks for the support @rodrige. I had the flag problem during the reconciliation issue when 99% of my BAT rolled over and the next month was “too much BAT” to claim, or two months worth. With no support from that, I cut my losses and reinstalled Brave on that device.

I agree that @Saoriay does a lot for the community and I respect that. I have read many posts that he helps out with. I only stated my opinion to have it belittled in a sense and shot down. I may not be right, but as of right now, I also could be right. :man_shrugging:

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i am also facing the same issue and it always comes when i am due to get large amount of bat than usual

Hi everyone,

I’d like to send a gentle reminder. If you suspect that your wallet has been flagged, it is best to submit a support ticket to our Rewards Support Form. That way we can best assist each user with their individual cases.

Thank you for your time.

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Didn’t say that, but clarifying something. You’ll also see where I asked if you actually saw anyone from Brave support what you were saying. It’s kind of critical to understand why someone says something and to approach things to understand it can be two separate issues.

That didn’t shut down a comment. I asked you for more information. Not sure what you’ve gone through in life to be so defensive, but it really does help if you can just take things as people say it and not read into it.

And I’m allowed to ask you if you have any facts you’re basing that on or if it’s your own opinion/assumption.

Since people can’t read your mind or hear how you’re saying things, words matter. There are lots of people who have been flagged for a variety of reasons. If someone saw yours, they may think their flagged account is just a temporary issue.

That said, I was not and am not forcing you to change how you phrase things. As mentioned, I asked for clarity and pointed out they could be two separate issues. Also reminded you that if you delayed, it might also delay help on one of the problems if they were isolated. It was trying to help you out…

I’d disagree. I always listen and ask questions. Problem is, such as here, people like to get defensive or attack. In this case, we would have their first device which has been flagged. They would need to get the support ticket in to have that flag removed and the BAT moved over. Their second device pay would likely arrive. It might have been affected by the notice I shared where Evan123 posted about a known issue affecting Gemini pay.

Then I did ask, just in case I didn’t see an announcement, if they could show anywhere that said the Gemini issue was telling Users they had been flagged? In doing so, I also mentioned they may want to submit a ticket now otherwise might just be longer to reply.

Again, why? So they can get help ASAP. If they didn’t want to, then that’s on them. All good. Just was me trying to help.

My BAT tokens came in. Thank you for your info!

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Glad to hear they got it resolved for you @cja719

Hopefully DJelen gets theirs soon too.

Bravo. Let’s keep this going because I’m clearly the only one being defensive since things in my life have caused me to be that way. Words do matter and I’m not the only one choosing them poorly.
You want cold hard facts from me on my accusations/assumptions and unfortunately the company you try so hard to defend is incapable of providing any truth behind their issues. Users went on with their lives after the reconciliation issue and never heard a peep from Brave after that. Creator payouts started and everything was back to “normal”.

As for not shutting down my comment, fine, poor choice of words. But it was belittled and you cannot tell me otherwise. Rather than even considering what I had to say for one second, you jumped to defend Brave, per usual, as if they can’t do anything wrong. The point is things are worse than they used to be and I am not the only one who believes that. I can do this all day if I have to. Your choice.

Are you saying that you’re not being defensive or attacking? Just everyone else?

Where? Seriously, look at what I said. Let me be very clear to you. I’m autistic, I say what I mean and mean exactly what I say. A lot of what you’re seeing is from you reading into it. Brave screws up, I call them out on it all the time. At the same time, I also see Users failing to read or to do what’s expected of them as well.

All that was said here is that if you included me in the “we” part, then I have to disagree as I’ve seen and experienced something different. That’s not discrediting or belittling you, but strictly is saying we’ve had different experiences and observations.

Not attacking, no. Defensive to an extent, but in that you’ll see I explained myself and was asking for more information. You’ll see that primarily in my reply to rodrige.

Honestly, please pause and look back. I considered what you said and asked you if you saw anyone from Brave say it. I did say it’s an assumption otherwise, because that’s what it would be and I was trying to make that known for anyone reading it. At that point you either would have shown what I did not know and it would help me and others, or you’d just say that you’re hoping or assuming that way. If I didn’t want to consider what you said, I’d have left it alone and let you continue about your business without getting any help. Sometimes it may be better that way, but I’m sincerely wanting to help people get issues resolved.

Then I also pointed out that if you wait it may not resolve itself. If tickets might take a few days, week, or more to process, it might be beneficial for you to submit a ticket even if you thought it was a nonissue.

Anyway, I’m not wanting to be here to sit and argue. Unfortunately you have perceived my attempt to help you negatively and anything I am saying to try to bring clarification and further assistance just isn’t yielding any results. So with that, let me just say I’m sorry :bowing_man: if you saw any of my assistance as negative. Hopefully if we talk more on other issues in the future, we can do better in understanding one another and both walk away happy.