Brave Reward Profile Flagged?

I tried linking my Gemini wallet with the Brave wallet and all of a sudden I receive a pop-up saying my reward profile is flagged? Because of this rewards have not been sent to me and I am unable to link a verified wallet. However, I have not received any email or other notification informing me why the account is flagged. I should add this would be my first time receiving a Brave payout (I joined in March). Is there a way to get this resolved?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My profile has been flagged too. May be brave wants us
to not use their browser.

Same for me… @steeven ??

And now all my rewards are gone (1.47BAT)? I can’t claim or anything just appears a balance of 0, can anyone fix or at least explain what is happening, I’m reading a lot of complaints?

Why are we not getting answers on this from them???

Same here. Brave team, please respond, seeing a lot of complaints, not alone here. My Brave Rewards profile got suddenly flagged and am being told to periodically “check later”. I have not received BAT for several weeks and cannot Tip the sites I like. Been connected to Uphold for 1+ years, no issues, please fix this.

Weird, so I received my payout today, claimed my rewards they appeared in my wallet and now they have disappeared? what is going on, that was about 1 hour or so ago (update) rewards have reappeared

I just tried and am also flagged. However I just disconnect and was able to reconnect on another PC?

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