Didn't get any rewards in the past months, I think my wallet is flagged

As title, same issue on two different computers. Both verified months ago with Gemini. At first I was getting my rewards but in the past few months nothing, the claim button never shows up. The Gemini account sometimes gets disconnected and I have to log in again (unsure if related). One of the two computers doesn’t show ads anymore and says it is flagged (I have already reported this issue but nothing has been done about it and no answer); the other one after disconnecting lets me log in and shows ads but I still don’t get the payments.
I use a VPN sometimes.

Yeah, it’s been like that for MONTHS, so that information is useless. Also you completely ignored the main issue: where I was getting the rewards (theoretically at least) I’m still not getting paid. Which sucks.

Flagged accounts don’t receive rewards. You can fill out the form attached to the post from Matches or you can wait and keep trying to reverify.

One of the two computers doesn’t show any warning. It shows ads. At the beginning of the month it shows “your rewards are on the way” but nothing ever happens.
Quite convenient for the good people at Brave to get money for the ads they show me and arbitrarily decide I’m not deserving to get paid. Now I get why people say Brave is sketchy. I’ll make sure to spread the word.

Small update: got March rewards on the laptop that isn’t flagged. So this PC should be fine, I’ll check the logs but I think I got all the rewards that were due.

Still having issues on my main PC though, and by virtue of being my main I’m missing out on potential future rewards as well as at least one payment that got “missing”. Let’s see if I’ll get any reply from the mod I dm’d.

I like how this community is handled: do you have an issue? Send your info through this form and wait forever, maybe nothing will happen and we will keep the money.

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