Account flagged & no answer for ticket 165859

Hi Brave Support,

since the begining of th emonth i was unable to claim my Brave reward so i opened a support ticket : 165859 and since i still do not have any news regarding my issue.

Since few days i got my Gemini account locked for no reason so i can’t log in.
It’s not the first time this thing happen, the last time, i lost all my Bats reward and i don’t want this to happen again.

I would like to get my account unlocked so i can check my wallet and i would like to get all the reward for October to be added.

November will end in few days and i’m worried to not see my November Bat rewards showing in my wallet because of the issues i’m facing actually!

Thank you in advance!

If you mean Rewards, your balance would still show…so long as it’s in your Brave browser. If you think somehow Brave is going to show you the balance in your Gemini account while that account is locked, that shouldn’t be the case. If you can’t go to Gemini’s own website and see the balance, it won’t show up in Rewards (typically).

Not throwing accusations, but you know how this looks to people, right? Two different companies have flagged/locked your accounts. Kind of makes it seem you’ve definitely been doing things you shouldn’t be doing.

Yeah, and you won’t. No payouts or earnings while you’re flagged. So you shouldn’t see any BAT increasing and it won’t be stored to your account because you’ll be unable to Claim. If the decision gets reversed within 90 days, then all pending/earned BAT will be given to you. Anything unclaimed after 90 days is lost.

I didn’t had any issue to access my wallet few days ago and check my balance.
Well, the exact message is that my brave account as been flagged anyway, i don’t understand why i was locked by two different companies, what are the reason given ?

Yeah sure i’m doing things i shouldn’t do …
Basicaly i use my computer for :

  • Browsing internet (crypto news, world news, games news, web dev news, …)
  • Playing few games from GOG, EPic and so
  • Working with my computer as a web dev
  • Trying to get few BATs when i can by displaying ADS from brave but yes i do bad things…

I don’t have time to waste doing bad things nor wasting my time watching ads that finally give me nothing in return because i’m arbitrary flagged for no specific reasons.

My Gemini account was verified by KYC and i just own there the bats i won with the ads that’s all so yeah i’m clearly doing thing i shouldn’t … whatever …

If this occur again, well, i will simply close my Gemini account as this wallet will has no use anymore for me and remove Brave because, at the end, i’m watching ads for nothing, better to go back to Firefox with AdBlock Plus.

Honestly being flagged for no reason when you use your browser, computer for daily normal stuff, is really annoying!

If that’s all you’re seeing, then it’s only Brave. To get that resolved, you would create a Rewards Support Ticket and they will investigate, then make a decision whether to remove the flag or to tell you that they are not going to reinstate your Rewards.

If you’re saying issues with Gemini where they have locked your account, usually it’s because you’ve provided incorrect information, they suspect fraud, account had too many failed login attempts, etc. (If it says locked, rather than suspended/banned, or whatever). For all of that, you’d have to contact Gemini support to find out what they can tell you and how to get it resolved.

Brave never does disclose the thing they flag for. I know a while back I provided details on some. Contributing factors include any of the below:

  • Automation on the device, such as setting up bots/macros to continuously open tabs and/or Brave News to maximize earnings.

  • Using a VPN to appear in a different region. Brave monitors your Locale, IP address, and some other details on your device (and your info through Gemini/Uphold) to determine where you’re located. So let’s say you’re in India but you’re always using VPN to appear in United States. It’s going to say "common sense is no need for constant USA VPN, it’s higher latency. Ads in USA pay better and have more. They must be cheating Rewards to maximize earnings, in violation of Terms.

  • Cloning your Rewards info to appear on multiple devices. You can only have one device with the same exact Wallet Payment ID. If it detects two running, it will flag you as it knows something is wrong.

  • Modifying folders. We’ve had people who try to find where BAT is stored and counted on their device, to which they want to attempt changing numbers. These things aren’t meant to be tampered with. If it detects changes to Brave’s folders and believes it to be an attempt to defraud them, it will flag you (even if you were trying to do something else, it doesn’t read your mind)

There’s more, but it’s things they don’t want known. As such, they honestly haven’t even been open with me on it. The couple little extras I do know are things that can’t be said. What I will say is the system does watch activity closely and is set for common sense.

In any case, you may want to tag SaltyBanana or Evan123 on this later. It was Thanksgiving yesterday and they don’t tend to work weekends. Guessing earliest any of them will be back will be Monday, unless they peak in here during the weekend on their personal time.

Actually, I said that and then notice @steeven just did something a few minutes ago (which is later in the day and usual), let me tag him in case he’d be willing to look at your ticket really quick, which I see was Ticket #165859

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Hi @Saoiray ,

what i’m facing is that when i’m connecting to Gemini wallet, after geting the code sent to log in, i have an extra screen with " Brave Browser is requesting access to your Primary account:", then i click allow and i get “Error: Brave rewards profile is flagged”.

That’s what i get, ok at first my message was probably not 100% accurate, sorry.

I don’t have any macro running, no VPN, no cloning or modifying folders, i understand that they have to monitor to avoid cheating but they have to understand that when your account is flagged while you’re not doing, things that you shouldn’t do, it’s annoying, most of the time i’m clicking on ads popup, refreshing my browser sometimes but that’s all for the ads, earning 6 Bats per month doesn’t indicate that i’m cheating in anyway.

If an ads = 0,025 more or less (for me) and that i can get up to 10 ads max per hour it’s about 0,25 Bat.
For one day can be up to 6 Bat for a complete day, which is not the case for me as i’m more or less 8 hours in front of my computer, maybe more sometimes but i’m not checking ads everytime like when i’m playing or following online courses.

So for 8 hours it’s about 2 Bat which it’s not what i earn for a day looking at ads.
If we check for a month could be around 180 bats if we stay infront of the screen without interruption or with bot/macro like you said.

So 6 Bat or maybe 8 a month should clearly indicate that i’m not cheating or doing anything against the rules on top of that even if i stick for one hour in front of my computer i’m not sure i receive 10 ads per hour can be less due to some factors i’m not aware of.

All i’m saying is: look at the amount people earn by month (depend on the country) and you’ll know if someone is cheating.

Hi @tiben - You should see a response shortly on your ticket. Thanks again!

Hi @Evan123 how can i access my Support ticket?
I got the email and the issue solved!