Save Passwords Features is Useless (Deletes upon Blowser Closing)

Wanted very much to change from Firefox to Brave, but the small things make me regret the change.

The biggest one is the absolutely ridiculous fact that all my saved passwords disappear whenever I restart the browser.

Yes, I have max privacy setting as per the browser advertises as its benefit. If that’s the cost of remembering passwords, please tell me when I enable the options.

Also, I tried syncing my phone. This was utterly useless and didn’t work. I’ve seen elsewhere this sync could be a potential problem, but wtf, passwords seem a very weird thing to be left to the user to beta test.

What’s happening here?!? Am I better off with Firefox?

@user12345678 I’ve been using the browser for years, not once has it “forgotten” passwords. Are you saying you have it saved in Brave’s password manager and that everything it’s saved is being erased?

The only two times we have had people say that passwords were being deleted every time they closed Brave was if they had changed settings in Brave to delete it, such as at brave://settings/clearBrowserData. You’ll see there’s one tab that says On Exit. If you have it marked to clear passwords, it’ll happen.

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The second was from people using things like CCleaner or Avast Cleanup which was erasing it all when they ran it.

So either of those sound like something you might have going on?

User error, I suppose. What’s the issue?

Nah, not really. Millions of us using with no issues at all. Maybe the links below will help you figure out what’s going on?

I typed out a whole response detailing multiple instances of pepople experience the same error but got hit with a “max 4 links” in a post.

My original response - edited was:

Thank for the extremely quick response.
I’m using Linux, and don’t use any tools to ‘erase history’ other than what Brave already provides.

The ‘save passwords’ field is blank on the ‘on exit’ tab.

The wierd thing is that I have between 1-4 passwords saved when I re-open the browser, and they’re all from accounts I haven’t used for ages. If I view the passwords, some of them provide weird symbols

As for the “user error”, it’s not so much a “”““user error””“” if syncing your phone given Brave’s in built tools = destruction of data.

As for “”“nah not really”“” then a simple search of “brave deletes passwords upon exit” returns lots of entries. Perhaps your bias is showing here?

From a Google search:
[truncated 5* results links]

Let’s try the search term with “reddit” at the end:

“”“”“”“User error”“”“”" I suppose.

@user12345678 To clarify, those issues you shared all have been something different. And yes, there are occasional issues. Just like NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

However, those aren’t people losing passwords every time they close the browser, which is how you explained it.

It doesn’t though. Or perhaps I should say “it shouldn’t.” It shares data between your devices, prioritizing the idea of adding details over ever “reducing.”

Ideally, what we’d need from you is the following:

  • Version of Brave on devices these issues are happening

  • Details on which OS and device type you’re using for each device. I know you mentioned Linux, but which distribution? Is it on a PC or running on something like a virtual machine? Your phone, is it Android? Is it normal or you doing something like a De-Googled version?

  • How did you install Brave on your Linux?

And actually, I’m going to tag @JimB1 to see if he might have any guesses on this, if he happens to appear here tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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As with @Saoiray I’ve been using Brave for a few years, on Windows, Linux, and mobile platforms and have not experienced this (or any other data loss) issue. I also use Brave as my primary browser at work with much the same experience.

To be fair, I do store my ‘important’ passwords in a password manager, but for convenience I do have a bunch saved and synced. No issues.

Only you can answer that, but I did a quick search for similar issues with Firefox, and you’ll find them there too.

All software has bugs so it’s wise to keep backups where you can, but the suggestion here seems to be that this is somehow the result of low expectations and low delivery. Doesn’t seem that way at this point. Feels more like there’s some circumstance particular to you (bug or otherwise) that resulted in this.

So, if you wish to get it solved I suggest starting by following up on @Saoiray 's questions above.

Also, while unusual on Linux, I still have to ask – are you using any third-party ‘security,’ ‘privacy,’ or ‘cleaner’ apps on your system?

Detailing your experience with Sync might provide some clues as well, I’m curious as to whether something went wrong there and resulted in passwords on the Sync chain being blown away.

Following up with what @Saoiray asked above would be a great start. I’d also like to know whether or not your device is still Synced or not and whether or not you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time.

Thank you

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