Passwords Lost wtf

All the synced Brave browsers - laptop, phone, other laptop - have lost all passwords. This is not right, I’m going to stop using Brave as my main browser.

It happened to me recently following an update.

But bare in mid. The browser is not the place to store passwords. That functionality is useful to automatically fill in, but it is dangerous. If you can use it to fill in login forms without typing, also does any person who approaches your pc, or any malware bot running in your device.

Passwords should be stored in a password manager with high encryption. And a backup should be kept somewhere safe to prevent the case of your device braking down.
There are plenty of them out there. I like KeePass Portable.

Security starts with our own actions :slight_smile:

@freddy2 Sorry to hear. Not sure what might have happened on that. If you’d like assistance might be best to create a support ticket over at

As you provide information there, also share your Username that you can find at brave://sync-internals/. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to help, but at least getting in touch with Brave and including information gives them a chance to assist.

I’ll also tag @Mattches here to ask if he know of anything that can be done in this type of situation.

Obviously, having information might also help. Such as which version of Brave you’re on, what had happened on/with devices before this occurred, etc. I mean, things don’t just vanish. And Sync usually adds data on top of itself, doesn’t remove.

Can you please tell me:

  • What OS you’re using (for all affected platforms if possible)?
  • What Brave version you’re using?

Did this happen after a browser update or did it just happen randomly once you opened your browser? Further, is it only your password data that is lost or is there other data that is missing as well?

I am on Windows 10. Brave is was up-to-date, but now that I have checked it it is now updating to Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I was using Brave on my android phone also. None of my passwords seem to exist anymore on anything in the sync. My bookmarks seem fine.

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