All passwords are inexplicably deleted out of password manager! This has happened 3 times now in the last three months. Brave - how do you keep breaking something so important? I went years with hundreds of passwords stored with no issues, now 3 times in 3 months you break a critical feature. This needs to get fixed I will just use my vanadium or firefox focus instead.

Intriguing thing is this isn’t happening on a regular basis or to many people. For example, my passwords haven’t been lost at all yet. We do have some who share issue happens when they update Brave, but nobody been able to figure out the cause. Not to mention, the numbers are so small that it suggests a user error more than it does an issue within Brave. (though always trying to get more information and look for the cause, just in case)

Sorry to hear it’s happening to you, but not sure if can say it’s Brave. If it’s them breaking, wouldn’t you think it would be impacting a lot more people?

While I know it might be something screwy going on with Brave, I also take this as a hint that perhaps you have something happening on your end. Though a person shouldn’t have to do so, have you not considered doing any backups then, just in case? I mean, you could export passwords to a file and keep in a safe space. Sync is never intended as a backup or anything.

Also, are you considering what programs and all you’re using on your device? A while back someone was using CCleaner and had been using it to wipe data. In it, their browser data was also getting wiped, or so they said. I guess once they changed what it was clearing, they no longer had any issues.

Btw, it also helps if you provide more information. For example:

  • Which version of Brave are you using?

  • Which OS and OS Version? (for example, Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

  • Is it only passwords affected or are you losing other data. such as bookmarks and History?

  • Is this happening just locally or on all devices synced?

  • If on Sync, have you created a new sync chain or keep using the same one you had issues with?

  • I know you say “inexplicably” which suggests you’re not seeing any similarities on happening, but have you noticed if it might be during any updates or anything?

  • Have you ever tried clearing cookies and all in your browser? More specifically, is it possible you have Passwords and other sign-in data selected under Advanced or On Exit within Clear Browsing Data at brave://settings/clearBrowserData?

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