Every time I exit the browser and return, all the saved passwords are gone

Seems to be a recurring problem. The only suggestion I haven’t tried yet was to create another user to take the test. But every time I exit the browser and return, all the saved passwords are gone. Could anyone tell me if creating another user this problem will be solved? Grateful!

Might be a silly question, but do you have your passwords set to delete on exit in browser history? That is what I think of right away, my settings I have to clear everything, but I keep the passwords unchecked and my passwords are always saved when I exit and come back. I also have only two extensions installed as well, maybe you have some sort of extensions that clear data or something?

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Hi :wave: @DuduContursi
For mobile phone browser I fixed this issue by,
Go to the settings > Brave shield & Privacy, and then
Turn Off bottom second last option (in image) > clear data on Exit.

So many thanks HighPriestess42!!! Your silly question solve my problem!!!

If you don’t digging into the settings, you’ll never imagine there are some checkboxes to uncheck. Thanks a lot for the help. I hope everyone who has problems with passwords will find this post.

Awesome! Glad to hear, it is a little wonky some of the settings tbh. Like I never would have thought to find these settings in the clear browser history. It seems like it should be a separate obvious option away from this, because it sounds like all that will do is, well clear your current/past browsing history. How I set this up from the beginning is beyond me, and a moderator had to help me find out where to find these settings much later when I could not re find them. But nonetheless, glad that worked for you!


Thanks for you help BuNNty!!!

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