Lost passwords once again

For the fifth time, Brave lost all my passwords (except three passwords !).
What’s the utility of a passwords manager who lose passwords !!!
I’ve to make backup regurlaly, it’s not possible !
I’m an user since a very long time, Bat investor and user, but now: bye Brave !
(Linux Mint 18.3, no update before losing all, no sync…)

It shouldn’t occur, unless a cookies/site data is being cleared? Most of us uses password managers for convenience, Either 1password, Bitwarden or Lastpass.

No action from me, i’ve not cleared anything…
Before i thought it was updates, but there isn’t update this time.

happened to me as well just now. is there a fix?

I don’t know. This problem has happened to me several times in recent years.
The only solutions i found is to do passwords back-up regularly.

This seems to happen regularly. The forums here and on other chromium based browsers are littered with posts like this every few months. I just noticed all mine were gone again.

Just chiming in, same thing happened here. Launched browser this morning and it seemed to launch very slowly, then when it did everything was back to default with all passwords and settings wiped out.

Same here, multiple times over months/years, but still happening.

Sadly, I gave up on Brave for “important” stuff because of this. It’s still great for trash sites, of course.

It feels like this shouldn’t be that hard. Take the steps to insure that after any browser crash (etc), there is an older, valid copy of the password database. Don’t use the newer one unless you absolutely know that it is valid.

I know there’s all kinds of cool and important things to work on, but this is important.

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