Lost passwords once again

For the fifth time, Brave lost all my passwords (except three passwords !).
What’s the utility of a passwords manager who lose passwords !!!
I’ve to make backup regurlaly, it’s not possible !
I’m an user since a very long time, Bat investor and user, but now: bye Brave !
(Linux Mint 18.3, no update before losing all, no sync…)

It shouldn’t occur, unless a cookies/site data is being cleared? Most of us uses password managers for convenience, Either 1password, Bitwarden or Lastpass.

No action from me, i’ve not cleared anything…
Before i thought it was updates, but there isn’t update this time.

happened to me as well just now. is there a fix?

I don’t know. This problem has happened to me several times in recent years.
The only solutions i found is to do passwords back-up regularly.

This seems to happen regularly. The forums here and on other chromium based browsers are littered with posts like this every few months. I just noticed all mine were gone again.