Save File Dialog - Can't type file name in Linux

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Using Brave Version 1.49.120 Chromium: 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)

  2. Using Linux Mint 21.1, cinnamon v 5.6.7, kernel 5.15.0-67

  3. Save a file (image, document etc) and the save file dialog will open. Highlight the filename and try and type to rename the file. The search feature of the dialog will open and take the text instead of file name box.

Expected result:
Expect the text entered via keyboard will be entered into the Save File dialog, filename text field, instead of starting to ‘search’ the files shown.

Additional Information:
Performed the same actions using Mozilla Firefox and had no issues saving the filename. Seems to be isolated to Brave browser for linux. I do not have the same issue with Windows version of the browser.

I can’t post the same thing twice in a row so please review my post here: The save file window in brave browser isn't showing any text - #2 by JimB1

I suspect there is some underlying problem that is so far unidentified, but there’s a lot of factors at play.

It seems like a different issue vs. the one in that thread, but I would suggest the same thing here to get started.

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