Editing file name in download dialogue

When downloading a file the download dialogue window pops up sometimes with the last directory downloaded to, sometimes not. For this trouble ticket assume “same”.
Click on the filename field and start typing and the active location switches back to the directory path field, assumes that what is being typed is a search term and the path gets trashed. This is very frustrating especially with deep directory trees and when downloading a series of files to the same place.
assume destination is to be /home/woo/hoo/poo/doo ;
Click to download a file: filename says something random and /home/woo/hoo/poo/doo is shown in directory display with a field that is a search function;
Click on filename field and start typing to edit the filename: active location jumps back to search function and characters appear; directory is indeterminate but is certainly not /home/woo/hoo/poo/doo
This is repetitive in that to delete these characters in the search field, click back on the file name field and type a character and the first character typed appears in the search field;
then to give up on editing the file name (and do it after the event with Nautilus - bit of a pain but whatever) means that you have to click on a directory already displayed on the shortcuts (eg /home/woo) and then go down the directory tree directory-by-directory (~/hoo then ./poo then ./doo) which in my case can go 10-deep in some places… and do this for each file (unless it manages to remember the full path in which case you have to go edit the filenames after) which becomes VERY time consuming.

My work-around: (and assuming that the current directory is /home/woo/hoo/poo/doo)

  1. have open featherpad or whatever
  2. click to download the file; this gives you a filename in the filename field: cut and paste this into featherpad
  3. edit the filename to your heart’s content in featherpad
  4. select the correct destination directory in the download directory dialogue
  5. in the filename window paste the string from featherpad (and don’t hit any other keys); click on “save”
    Clumsy: yes; work-around: yes; desirable: very no

Just one other thing: The whole reason for using Brave is so that we don’t use Chrome (with all that means for Google data harvesting), Firefox (same) or whatever to try to recover some sanity and security. But if the cost of that is flaky splurgeware riddled with as many bugs as MS IE (or anything else from MS come to that) then why bother? So to the Brave Developers PLEASE get some progress on these bugs.
Thanks guys


A simple text file for you to download. The contents are one word: ‘test’

A very simple PDF file for testing, courtesy of W3C. No SPACE characters in the PDF filename:

Go to: brave://settings/downloads

Status of your setting (?): Ask where to save each file before downloading

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 7.26.08 AM

Precisely as I have laid out…
The issue isn’t downloading, per se. It’s the dialogue that gets you to there.
So just to be clear:

  1. right click on the file link above, select “download link”; the dialogue appears.
  2. Try to change the filename from testFile.txt to testFile2.txt by clicking before the dot and typing “2”: a “2” appears in the search bar and the directory listing vanishes;
  3. Delete the 2, try to repeat, same… only this time there is no directory location available. I have also noticed that although the directory listing disappears the target directory is the same as last time (persistent) because if the search term picks up files in that are in that directory they are listed.

One additional point.
If you elect to use my work-around and find that the directory display has disappeared because of the search function don’t forget the shortcut “other places” which gets you back in the game.

So entirely reproduceable

Yes that is switched on. There is a similar thread hereabouts talking about the failure of the “ask where to save…” switch : this hasn’t affected this version (on this machine it is 1.40.107) - and anyway the switch is obviously working because the dialogue springs to life.

By the way Iv’e anticipated some screw-up-like-thing in which the sequence numbers of the fields or the “go to field x on key closure” type functions have been coded but it is pretty consistent irrespective of the weasel-actions and sequences I have tried. Haven’t been able to break it.


This issue may be something familiar to you. @nick_theboatman has not reported the OS, but I suspect that is Linux OS. Tx.

Sorry my apologies: Linux Ubuntu 22.04 with LXQt windowing.

More diags: this relates to typing into the “name” field (but excluding cursor keys, backspace and ^v (for paste)) but does not affect creating a new directory below the existing (click on “create new directory” icon, type in a name)

Are you still on this version of Brave? If so, please update to 1.41.100, does the issue still occur?

How exactly did you install Brave on that system?

Have you checked Ubuntu community forums for others using LXQt with similar issues?

Do you have Chromium or any other Chromium-based browsers on the system that you can test with?

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Ah. Something else.
It is also reproduceable in Chrome…

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Just did that. 2 steps ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

v 102.0.5005.115
From about a week back.

The dialogues look remarkably the same but with some equally notable differences (way the redraw works for example). But this function response is also the same unfortunately.


A similar issue in this post Strange/buggy File Save Browser Behavior with a solution.

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OK. So it sounds like the issue is coming from upstream Chromium. The positive to that, is that you might have a much larger breadth of resources to work with to find a solution – for instance, if others with your setup are running Chrome, then you may be able to more easily find others with the same issue.

In the meantime though, can you add a screenshot of this page? brave://settings/appearance

Also, don’t forget about these:

Yes that is the same bug. Could I ask an admin to merge these somehow?


You can send a direct message @Mattches for this.

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Yes it might be upstream… and agreed ref the size of the development team !
I’m using LXQt (having previously used LXDE which started to go really wrong when I upgraded from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04). I have noticed some odd things using LXQt but haven’t gone as far as to delve into their trouble tickets yet. I don’t have flatpack installed and I haven’t got deep enough into it to be able to tell if there is an issue with xdg-desktop-portal / xdg-desktop-portal-gnome.
Any insights?

What has happened to Brave’s Download File Save browser dialog? For months now the dialog has been behaving weirdly and wont let me rename files before saving. The filename is highlighted but when I begin to type, the search widget opens and the text I’m typing goes into it instead of replacing the highlighted filename. This is odd and inconvenient behavior, and is unlike what any other software does. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to change a download’s filename.

Is this a known problem and when will it be fixed?


Try saving and renaming a downloaded file (for PC):

  1. In a New private window.
  2. In a new profile.


Same thing happens in both cases. I make the dialog active and begin to type the new name, and that causes the search bar to come up with the text in it. I can’t do anything to avoid it.

If it helps I’m running linux (Manjaro, which is an Arch-based distro)