Unable to change file names before downloading or saving

Description of the issue:

Whenever I try to download or save something (like printing a pdf file) from brave, a window open prompting to choose the download directory. That is fine. But whenever I try to type to change the name of the download file the search box show up and whatever I type goes into search. That is very annoying when I want to download something and change its name instead of changing it afterwords,

Expected result:

I expect one should be able to save a file and use the dialogue box to change its name (like in Firefox)

Brave Version( check About Brave):

1.48.164 but this has been an ongoing annoyance for quite some times.

Hello @kmod
I’m not from Brave team, I’m just a regular user. But couldn’t it be your Linux DE(Desktop Environment) problem or maybe your file manager?

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