The save file window in brave browser isn't showing any text

Hello. Unfortunately I don’t have an immediate answer for you. However I’m posting because IMHO over time we’ve seen a number of different ‘weird’ issues with Download ‘save file’ dialogs on Linux, some of them have been solved, and some not. And in some cases, may have been solved but we never heard back from the OP. And as you’d expect on the Linux platform, there’s a huge number of combinations of window managers, DEs, libraries, installation repos, etc. that can be involved so it makes it difficult to pinpoint a single fix for everyone.

What I would suggest is to first go thru these results and see if one of the suggestions in one of these threads helps you. And then, feel free to post back after trying some of them and let us know if it solved the problem; and if not, let us know what you tried and see if we can figure out some other ideas.