Remap / Configure Preferences and Enter Keys to fix File Save Dialog Bug

I’m using Brave on Linux, and since upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10, I’m experiencing a small bug when saving files through the File Dialog. If I focus on my list of folders, I can use the regular keys to move around and jump to matching folder names as I type. However, if I press enter over a folder, it will enter that folder and immediately save at that location. This is a problem if I wanted to move to a sub folder.

Previously on Linux, I had to click the “Save” button or do an Alt+S (matching the shortcut mnemonic). I checked the github brave-browser issues section and did not see anyone else reporting this. So I’m not sure if it is general bug on Linux or something not configured correctly on my machine.

Would love any help on this issue. Can I reconfigure file-save dialogue preferences?

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