Same verified wallet connected to two different browsers (iOS and Windows)

Can’t seem to find a thread, apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered:

Simple question, can users use the same verified wallet (Uphold or Gemini) and connect it to two different browsers (one iOS and one Windows)?

Many thanks!

Hi, Yes, you can have one custodial wallet and can connect different devices using the same custodial wallet. This Help Center article explains in more detail:
How many Brave Rewards wallets can be linked to my crypto custodian account?


Thanks, man @Chocoholic

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I do need to throw one little thing in here. You mentioned iOS in your Topic, the tag, and your question. While they answered about having multiple wallets verified to the same account, I wanted to step in on the iOS aspect. The reason being, you can’t earn BAT on iOS.

I felt it might be important to add that so you don’t misunderstand the answers given and you don’t get confused if you find you can’t Verify a wallet on iOS or don’t see BAT existing.


@Saoiray, that is a good point! Thanks for the addition! :smiley:

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Got it, thanks @Saoiray, it’s clear now !

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