The same wallet on 3 devices?

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I just installed Brave browser on my desktop a few days ago. Now I want to install it on another desktop and my phone. Can I have the same reward wallet on these 3 devices so that my rewards go into to same wallet ? and how do I do this ?


Each device will have its own local wallet stored on the brave browser of each device. They will not sync over unless you connect to a verified custodian wallet service such as gemini or uphold. Once payouts happen around the middle of the month all devices’ rewards will go to that custodian wallet you chose. But the local wallets will never sync if that makes sense. For example browser 1 may show x.xx bat and browser 2 may show y.yy bat but browser 1 and browser 2 will not combine these bat until it is sent to a custodian wallet of your choice after payouts are complete.

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Thanks :slight_smile: That make some sense to me :slight_smile:

So each device got its own Reward wallet and at the middle of the month, the rewards will go to a custodian wallet I choose. But what if I not have selected another wallet. Will they just stay in the Reward wallet ?

I have created this wallet (see photo). Can I share this wallet with all my devices to have the BAT in the same wallet when they do payouts ?

If you haven’t linked your browser to Uphold/Gemini the Rewards will stay in the local Rewards wallet, which is completely separate from the Web3 Wallet. The Web3 wallet can be used on any number of devices.

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