Mysterious brave wallet and sync

I have some questions about the brave browser.

A password form sometimes appears. But what is this?
Not my metamask password, not my brave wallet password, then, what is this?
How can I unlock this mysterious wallet? and how can I use it? and what is it for?

About the connection with an receiving wallet for brave rewards, how can I set up same wallet between multiple PC’s brave?
I set on PC-A and then PC-B, but it dis-connected on PC-A.
(I live in Japan)

How can I sync the brave wallet on many devices such as PC-A, PC-B, iPhone, Android?
I want to use only one wallet.
(I have already synced the multiple brave device. I mean, historical data and bookmark and app)
If I can set this up, I think I can set “Question 2” up.

I may be using different wallet on PC-A and PC-B.
(They are at the different house each, so I cannot confirm now.)
But in this situation, and if I can set up same wallet on multiple device, what will the brave rewards which I had already gotten be?

Hope your reply soon.

bro u have already verified your wallet with one of the custodian wallet. so simply login to your uphold or gemini wallet.And for snyc verify all your brave wallet with the custodian wallet service but keep in mind that one account only snyc upto 4 devices

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, but it is my PC-B screenshot.
When I verify my wallet for brave rewards on PC-B, the verification of PC-A was terminated.
How can I connect and verify only one wallet for my brave rewards?
and, how can I use same brave rewards for multiple device?
Please tell me how to set up.

Hope your reply soon.

it will be helpful if u can share those screenshots

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