Link Uphold account when machine formated

I had linked uphold account on my mac, but unfortunately I had to format my Mac, now I can’t connnect my uphold account on same device.

If you’ve already used up all 4 lifetime slots, you will no longer be able to verify or link additional Brave Rewards wallets to your custodian account.

Is there workaround for this?

Can I somehow remove some other devices to connnect my primary device?

Hi @pramod_jangam

Please refer the link

You can also have a track on the process

I hope the brave team will solve this issue soon!!

Here are some screenshots that may help with the solution from @Kamaleshjoy

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They said late first quarter, so im hoping itll happen in the next month or two. It seems to me that this issue is about 1/4 of the support requests.

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Yes, I am hoping for the same!! :raised_hands:

Btw it will be the happiest news for all end-users :star_struck:

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