One wallet across my devices

So im using brave on my desktop
can i have the same wallet on my Android so i collected bat on both devices for the same wallet ?
it is unverified
im using the built in wallet

The built-in wallet has nothing to do with the rewards system, you can collect BAT from multiple devices to an unique exchange (Gemini or Uphold) after VERIFYING your account with KYC and then link the browsers.

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@Letum_luesque Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Expanding on the information @miho171 provided.

Brave Wallet and Brave Rewards wallet are different. Below is a quote from the Brave Help Center Brave Wallet FAQ article that may help explain the difference. I put additional text in bold italics between brackets to provide a little more context.

How is Brave Wallet different from Brave Rewards?

Brave Rewards is tied to Brave Private Ads. Brave Browser users who opt-in to Brave Rewards will see privacy-preserving, first-party ads in certain locations as they browse. By viewing these ads, users can earn a crypto token called the Basic Attention Token (BAT). [You earn vBAT in your Rewards wallet for viewing ads. The vBAT is transferred and converted to BAT once you verify (create a verified custodial account) with a custodial provider (currently Gemini or Uphold) and connect your unverified Brave Rewards wallet to your verified custodial account. Your Rewards wallet will then display as verified.]

Brave Wallet is a tool that allows you to buy, store, send, and swap almost any crypto asset & NFT, connect other wallets and web3 DApps, and generally manage your whole crypto portfolio. You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet, but otherwise the two features are not connected. [The BAT in your custodial account can be transferred to Brave Wallet which will incur gas fees and any other fees set by the custodial provider. You cannot transfer vBAT in your Rewards wallet directly to your Brave wallet.]

I think you are asking about Brave Rewards and not Brave Wallet so that is what I am going to address. There is no way to connect one Brave Rewards wallet to multiple devices. Each device has its own unique wallet id. If you create and use browser profiles, then each profile will also have a unique wallet id and will earn rewards separately!

There are several Brave Help Center articles that will help understand how it all works. It is a lot of information and a lot of reading but really can help you get started. I am posting a link to Rewards articles below.

Please post an update and provide more informaion if I misunderstood. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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