How to Link ios uphold wallet

Hi, i am a new user and just downloaded brave on my Windows and my ios devices. How do I add my uphold wallet to my ios device? It shows different balances on the two devices.

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Hi there, unfortunately the browser wallet and Uphold verification aren’t available on iOS yet :slight_smile: We’re working on getting these features added soon!


Thank you for your very timely reply! When starting iOS it just created a wallet for me so I got confused. Hopefully we will be able to migrate these separate iOS wallets into 1 uphold later?

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Yes, in the future you’ll be able to link everything into one Uphold account :slight_smile:


Same issue. I’ve been trying to figure this out. When through all the settings on Brave in iOS and was looking specifically in the wallet. I also installed the Uphold App thinking that may help :wink: Looking forward to have all my environments synch with the same wallet.

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