Salesforce 3rd-party login

I think Brave is preventing re-logins to 3rd-party sites from Salesforce
Salesforce authenticates off our companies active directory in Office365
I am able to bring up salesforce which means I am getting authenticated to O365 at least once
When I go into a case that I own and select ‘Add to Opportunity’ I see the browser attempt to login to O365 again and fail
Even when I turn off all the security it still won’t do the re-login to O365 in the ‘Add to Opp’ link
In fact it logs me all the way out of O365, any access to salesforce then requires another login to O365
Its the only thing I have found that I can’t make work by adjusting the security settings
I hate to say it but it works in Chrome
I would be glad to collect log data if it will help, not sure where to get the correct information

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Hi @bbear999,

Thanks for taking the time to write in.

A few questions:
Can you see if turning off Shields allows you to login to Salesforce?
What are your Shield settings? Are they blocking scripts?
What OS and Brave version are you running?

Thanks in advance!

I am on Windows 10 Enterprise ver 1703 build 15063.1928
Brave 0.68.132
I think I need to clarify
I am able to login to Salesforce via our single sign-on app
First I login to which gives my companies list of apps
There I select the Salesforce app and it logs in to Salesforce just fine, I am able to do almost everything in Salesforce
The problem comes when Salesforce needs to login to as me, this is triggered when the “Add to Opportunity” link is selected inside a case in Salesforce
That authentication attempt fails, kicking me all the way out of
Autofill is enabled
Same thing happens with Shields down

thank you for responding
I really like this browser

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Hi, anybody out there knonw anything about this issue? Is it an issue or is it a feature?

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Apologies for the late reply.
Can you tell me if anything is output in the Dev tools console? To check this, open dev tools (Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools --> [Console], then attempt to authenticate from the page where this error occurs.

Screenshot any output in the console window and share it here.

Thank you for the help! Here is a screen shot of the console while the problem is happenning.

Possible to get a test login or DM a login to see whats going on?

I don’t think my companies IT department would be happy about me giving away my credentials or letting someone watch me manipulate Salesforce. Are there logs I can collect that will help?

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