Brave signs me out of all web services, accounts. Both at startup and during browsing

This just started happening. Again, it occurs upon startup AND mid browsing session.

Yes, I checked my settings and ‘On Exit’ nothing is enabled
Yes, I reviewed every other thread, which are closed after random amounts of time even though a solution has not been provided (This is a terrible practice by the way. Keep them open and let other build on/contribute to the knowledge pool)

Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps I can just respond to myself periodically to keep the thread alive until help arrives?

Can you tell me what (if any) extensions you have installed in the browser? Additionally, can you give me an example of a site which you can confirm that you will be signed out of at start up? Also, speaking of which, by “start up” are you referring to your PC start up, or when Brave launches?


  1. No extensions are installed
  2. Sites/Services in which I was logged in, then out. Google (Gmail), Office 365 (SharePoint), Wrike, Google Messages, Hubspot,

Note: The occurrence referenced in my initial post was one in which I watched all my open tabs refresh and revert to login screens. This was the first time I saw the phenomenon in real time. All other incidents resulted in me simply selecting a tab (or opening the browser) and having to log in again. Further, for each of the sites above, Brave has my passwords stored.

  1. “Start Up” refers to browser start up, however, the issue occurs at computer startup also.

I am automatically logged out of Brave as well, and have to login each time I want to check this thread.

@Mattches any thoughts or ideas on the source of the issue?

Big fan of the browser and would love to find a fix.
Cheers for any help you’re able to provide.

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Do you have any software installed on Windows that does cleanup of cache/local data? ccCleaner, for example.
Im wondering if it may be sweeping up files it shouldn’t be causing Brave to “forget” certain data. To confrim – the passwords you enter when logging into sites are preserved (ie passwords are saved), but you will (at some point) be signed out of websites (including ones that has saved login data), is that correct?

Hi @Mattches,

I appreciate you circling back.

  1. I do not utilize software that performs such a service.
  2. Correct, passwords are preserved and I am periodically signed out of websites associated with those passwords, including Brave. This seemingly random sign-out has not occurred in ~72 hours at this point.
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Please note the next time this does occur and what you were doing/browsing at the time it happens.

Over the last week, the seemingly random sign-out has occurred ~5 times, which is far fewer than the prior week. In every instance, I was not active in Brave, but rather sitting idle (2), navigating Microsoft outlook via the Desktop application (2), or using google chrome (1).

I’ve predominantly shifted to Chrome given my inability to find a solution, which isn’t great, but a reasonable response.

To what would you attribute this issue? Happy to let it go, but really like your browser and would like to continue to use it. Thanks

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