Is there any way to bypass frame redirect protections - Office 365 login

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Hello I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the block on frame redirects in Brave. In Sharepoint, Forms use frames to login with the Office 365 account and display the forms, but Brave gives an error that is refused in that window. I was able to turn off some security settings in other browsers to get them to display, and have also tried them in Brave (added the Urls to most site exceptions I could find) yet anything in a frame will still not render in Brave. Any suggestions? Thanks

@db98954f8a6e4d6ee1e3 can you try adjusting your shields settings for that site?

Probably related to this;

tldr; Enable all cookies to fix it.

That is unfortunate. All shields are disabled for the site, url exceptions added for cookies and data, but don’t have any affect unless all cookies are allowed for every site, its all or nothing. Hopefully this is addressed so the cookie exceptions are considered when setting them up in the security settings.

You should try to put Shields up on the site and set cookies to Allow all cookies for that site only (as opposed to doing it globally).

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Aha that worked. I didn’t realize there was a second cookie setting there since shields were turned off. Thanks for the suggestion.

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