Runing into Issue When Restoring Wallet

hi all ive just done a clean install of one of my devices ive typed my Recovery Code into wallet restore section

and i typed my uphold login details and top right triangle still saying to verify altho ive already signed in

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Hi @Darkside
Can you confirm what you mean by ‘code’? Are you referring to the recovery key?
How many words does your key have? Don’t tell me the key just the amount of words.
Was your other wallet connected to Uphold before you did a clean install?

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hi aron it was 24 words I waited to get payment for the month and then I disconnected from chain and wallet before I cleaned install

yes the recovery key

previous times i would type code in recovery wallet and then it would show the full amount of batt in my uphold account and i clicked verify accout of uphold login and then it would still remain verify to corner

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ok I’ve fixed it now what I had to do was login via Shields Down of brave browser for it to allow to verify which is very strange @Aa-ron but thanks for contacting me it’s now fixed


Glad to hear it’s fixed. Please open a new thread if you have any other issues.