Restored wallet, missing +200 BAT

Hi I had to reinstall windows on my computer. I restored my wallet with the keys I had saved, but instead of ~250 odd BAT, it says successfully restored ~5 bat. What happened?
Is there any way to check history or something?

Hi @thiefraccoon, welcome to Community!

Was your Brave wallet linked to Uphold? If so, is your Uphold account verified?

Thanks for response! Well, I tried to connect it, but I used my US permanent resident card (green card), and it’s stuck on " Processing your ID document". So I don’t think it actually connected. If I look at “brave browser” it says 0 bat and no activity.

Apologies for the delayed reply. We appreciate your patience.
Unfortunately this sounds like an issue with Uphold. You can try contacting Uphold support and getting your account verified and connected. Once that is all sorted, if your account is still missing BAT, we can go ahead and check things on our end.

OK I got an e-mail saying they couldn’t verify it, but when I tried it again with same ID and a new selfie without my glasses, it worked immediately!
Brave browser is connected to the uphold account now, but unfortunately it only shows ~6 BAT, not +200 BAT I had before. Could you please check it out? Thank you!

@thiefraccoon please don’t share your email here. This is a public forum.


thanks I definitely shouldn’t have!
I still need help with my original issue, though.

Going to investigate this and get back to you :slight_smile:

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