Need help restoring old wallet that was not verified with Uphold

Hey everyone,

I had a wallet that I set up a couple years back, and at one point I tried getting it verified but the photo of my ID wasn’t good enough, so I ended up putting it off. Long story short, I ended up never getting it Uphold verified and just recently I formatted the hard drive that the Browser had been installed on, and the recovery phrase that I had saved, no longer does anything because of the switch to Uphold sometime back.

I’m wondering if there is anyway for me to get those BAT back? It was probably over 300-400 BAT or something along those lines.

I only have the phrase and none of the old browser files, so I’ve tried to download old versions of the browser to try to use the recovery key, but all the versions I find auto update and the phrase won’t work.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere.

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