Can we lose the "Do you need to click on Brave Ads to earn BAT?" coming up with adds?

I think we get it by now:
(unless seeing it earns Bat’s but I somehow doubt it.)

Alternately, how long is this going to run?

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I am not sure I understand your concern. I guess, that article can really help new users understand the brave rewards program in more details.

what do you mean ?

@golfmann it most likely is an ad campaign in your area. Brave doesn’t just shove a bunch of notifications and all for no reason. You can always look at to see ad campaigns in your area. You can also go to brave://rewards and click on 30-day Ads History to see lists of ads. If it’s an ad, you’ll see it in your history there.

Check site I gave and it will show how long campaigns are running and the maximum amount of times you can see each ad or campaign.

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If @golfmann is referring to a notification that says this (looks like a Brave Ad), it’s not an ad campaign itself, but a notification that appears if you click on the same ad 3+ times. So, unless there’s a bug, you should only be getting this if you’re clicking the same notification ad 3+ times, which is typically a strange thing to be doing!

See here:

cc: @Saoiray


I can confirm this has happened to me too and is exactly that, if you click on an ad a few times this comes up notifying you that basically you do not need to be clicking on ads to receive points, however, if you enjoy the ad to continue doing so. It does seem to be, as he stated, that it keeps reminding you if you continually click on the ads.

I thought you had to click through the notices to get credited.
Guess i am a little slow in these things.
Thanks for the replies minus the snark…

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