What is the difference of 'viewed' and 'clicked' ads

Hello admin/mod and Brave community members,
Today while checking the last 7 days ad history, I found that there are two type of ad-view, ‘viewed’ and ‘clicked’.

I’m wondering what is the difference between these two.

Will I get paid more if I click every ads that popped in my computer? Or I’ll get the same earning?

Please reply.


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Yes I have same questions; I sometimes click the ads also. Ads are coming two methods; one is push notifications and the other is displayed in browser main area. What are the basic earnings process for such two types of ads display catagory?
Thank You

Well, AFAIK there is no difference in BAT earnings between both if that is what are you asking. Said that, you don’t need to click ads and open them to earn BAT, you just need to see them.

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Yeah, I tested by clicking few ads and just viewing few ads, no difference in earning.

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Clicking means did you click where after opening ad in new tab?

Following this topic How long do I have to view the ad before my “attention” accounts as a “view”? you are not going to get paid by “clicked” ads. I don’t know how it works. Any help appreciated from Brave suppport.

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