Rewards stuck for months in "Estimated earnings so far this month"

Every month my bat are increasing in the “Estimated earnings so far this month” but instead of getting them out, so i can contribute them or send them to my wallet they seem to be stuck there, i have given it many chances in case it gets fixed by an update or something but still the same :confused:
The “Next payment date” just changes to the next month every time.


thank you for your fast reply, as long as there is a fix incoming its fine, code is not easy :stuck_out_tongue:

The same thing happened to me, but only this month.
Is it a bug that they fixed and next month I will be credited to my Uphold account? or do I have to send another report?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have the same issue and the above did not fix it.

I have updated to the latest version of Brave v1.22.71. I then disconnect my browser wallet from Uphold and then reconnected. This did not change anything.

My “estimated earnings so far this month” remains at 1.1170 BAT, as it has for the last few months. This balance has been static, despite clicking on dozens and dozens of ads in this period.

I also note that my next payout date is now 6 June! It is 8 April

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