Rewards stuck for months in “Estimated earnings so far this month” now they have been reset to 0

i reached around 80 bat stuck in pending rewards in the last 4-5 months, never got them, pay date just kept moving to next month every time, my bat accumulated at “pending rewards” all that time and i was just hoping that ill get them the next month, or an update would fix it. around a week ago i made a post here stating my problem and i got assured that its a well known problem and it will get fixed soon. 4 days later, after a reboot my “Estimated earnings so far this month” went to 1,2 bat or something. so, where are my earned BAT?
is this something brave does to everyone? basically stealing our BAT?
i hope this issue will get resolved.


Same issue here, I hope they fix it or that it’s only a delay issue.

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it went to 0 bat for some time, and just now it got back to 80. i doubt i will get them payed out tho…

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Good to know your balance didn’t disappear.
Let’s see what happens next.

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