Brave Rewards earnings have not been transferred to my Uphold wallet for 2 months

My earnings in March and April have not been transferred to my Uphold wallet. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Uphold wallet and it didn’t work. I contacted @steeven and sent the Rewards Internals data, but he did not answer.


Hi, @semihcelik, there’s a known issue with BAT not porting to Uphold. Support is working on it. Please follow their topic on this issue for any updates on the progress.

You could also try the fix mentioned in the op (with the latest browser* v1.22.71) - it has worked for some but not others.

Edit: *sorry about that :upside_down_face:

Where can I download v1.22.77? The Brave site says the latest version is v1.22.71.

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