Monthly BAT Rewarding not increasing at the end of the period


I’m new here in the community.
I’m experiencing a strange issue in the monthly BAT reward value.

Let me explain the situation:

  • I’m not using any VPN
  • my wallet is verified and regularly connected to the browser
  • till 2nd May 2023 all the earning were correctly transferred to the UPHOLD account every single month
  • no settings are changed since the beginning

Starting from June till now when the earning period is completed the earnings apparently disappear without any transfer to the UPHOLD wallet.

Could someone help me please?
thank you

Please raise a ticket at
You will have to raise a ticket at

Share ticket ID received in the email you submit. Also, please be patient. It takes upto 3 - 5 business days for someone to get back. In some cases, could turn into weeks as well

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