Rewards problem more likely a glitch

I’m using latest version of brave but still this thing is happening to me .

In the rewards status it is saying “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!” But actually I didn’t received them in my internal wallet yet. It’s definitely a glitch I don’t know whether I’m the only person facing this . But this thing is happening to me I was supposed to get some 3-4 BATs which are August earnings. In the rewards section it is showing as if i received them but actually I didn’t received them yet.
Look over this @Mattches @steeven @Chocoholic


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I’m in the same boat.
I was running v1.42.xx.
About 4.4 BAT was due to be paid.
September 8th I received 0.25 BAT, probably from another device’s activity.
It still showed as 4.4 BAT being on it’s way.

Today when I saw that verified uphold wallet payments were supposed to be completed, I thought something must be wrong. I saw the recommendation that Brave should always be up to date in order for rewards to go smoothly so I updated to 1.43.89.

Now it shows: “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!” But they haven’t. Still, the last payment to my wallet was the 0.25 BAT, and no sign of the 4.4 BAT estimated awards that was showing as due.

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Some other users are suffering the same problem.

Open a support ticket using the link below for them to have a look at your case. And wait patiently for an answer. They have many cases to deal with.


Ah, I think I have been having similar issues for this month and last month.

Yes, definitely having the same issue here, for July and August. Seems like the issue for Brave on my device running Windows is more serious

Awesome, will do, thanks @rodrige !

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