Reward Not being paid correctly

Long time user of brave since the beginning But first post here.
I have 38 BAT in my brave wallet I was expecting 64 bat to be paid in rewards to me on 5th of February but It wasn’t And just rolled over to the 5th of march. i ONLY received about 5 BAT and it rolled over again to 6th or april.
Same issue on my phone Even though these are not linked I only recived 1.5 BAT on my phone while it said 14 was estimated.
Im not sure why this is happening.
PS: I cant verify my uphold wallet because of document issues. Is there a limit to what I can hold in by browser wallet?


Same issue… That’s a bit sad :cry:

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Same problem here… uphold gets 3 BAT while the browser holds over 40.

None of my payments have processed to my account in months. And im over the threshold. Please send me my BAT.

I’ve had the same problem. No answer on any of the related threads as to what is going on

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