Haven't received my BAT rewards for August


I’ve been waiting for a while to get my ~2 BAT rewards for August thinking there’s a bug on the Brave end but apparently, this issue still hasn’t been solved.
I’m on android and I’ve noticed I was using an older version that I did update just recently. Don’t know if it makes any difference. Can someone have a look into it, please?

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Same issue here and waiting for 4.50 BAT, some other users opened already posts in the forum and get their rewards… i think Brave must repay it due it’s their issues. I’ve outdate version on my android phone and it received correctly the monthly payment but brave windows is updated and didn’t receive nothing…

Hey, there’s been some issues with payout for this month. Payouts are still processing. Could you specify if you’re connected and if connected to any exchange then is it Uphold or Gemini?

I can’t connect to any of exchanges just because links to them are non-functional, either to gemini or uphold.

Umm not sure about this issue. Try clearing CACHE and not DATA and restart brave. Make sure you clear cache and not data or you’ll lose BAT.

All sorted.
Once I cleared cache, I’ve received missing rewards instantly and now I’m able to connect to both of these exchanges as well.
Simply trick I haven’t thought about in first place :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Oh great! Glad I could be of help! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid this didn’t work for me. I still haven’t received the BAT from August, and nothing I have been able to do is working to find it. It always went directly into my Uphold account, but it didn’t go there and is not in my Brave Wallet. The Wallet also shows that it was never deposited because August’s totals are still zero. Any other ideas on how to find my BAT? Thank you for your time!

Not quite sure. I guess you should raise a ticket.
Raise one here →

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