Thought Rewards was finally fixed

For the past 3 months I had been experiencing the issue where Rewards kept getting rolled over to the next month. Finally this month the correct amount (Approx 16 BAT) was set to be paid out. However when it finally said “Your rewards have arrived” only 3 were paid out and now the remaining amount is gone (ie: Not in the upcoming). What the heck happened this time?

You know Brave always puts out announcements and all, right? It might be helpful to try to search for answers when in doubt. Anyway, check out official thing below

I updated the browser twice. As mentioned in my original post the problem seemed to have corrected as instead of constantly pushing rewards to the next month the actual amount was set for payout. However instead of the 16 due only 3 arrived and now my July progress does not contain the missing 13 (16 - 3).

Payouts are still processing. Got to be patient. That said, you can always create a Support Ticket. Though keep in mind they usually are limited in what they can do until AFTER payouts complete. So you’ll likely be waiting for that either way.

In order to create a Support Ticket, you’ll need to compelte the form at

I think he’s saying his arriving amount was said to be ~ 16 BAT and he has now received that arriving BAT but it was only 3 BAT. He was already paid . There’s nothing left to wait for unless they are planning on sending out a 2nd payment to people.

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Thank you Cored this is exactly the situation that has occurred.

Yes, I can read. That’s what he said and I didn’t argue with it.

Except the system is still processing payments. It can and has done multiple before. Plus Brave can’t get into their system and check for things or send new payments until the current payouts for EVERYONE finishes. Hence why I said to wait until ALL OF IT finishes.

Btw, @Cored and @hardpretzl Seems I missed something from Reddit.

@Aman_M since you talked about it elsewhere, figured I’d tag you in on this too.

You can only get about 10 ads an hour and in order to get those 10 you have to be using your browser for an hour. How long does it take to reconcile a single ad? Does the browser have to detect it being idle before it will reconcile an ad? If the browser can’t reconcile 10 ads an hour then maybe leaving it open longer might solve the problem. If it can do more than 10 ads an hour then it doesn’t explain people not getting the full bat they earned in June. Not even considering rollover bat.

Could be the reason for this value discrepancy what @Aman_M has pointed out here:

This fix solves the problem of roll-over balances by assigning 0 BAT to those old rolled-over Ads


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