Rewards on PC cant send to Uphold

Hello guys,

i cant send my BAT Rewards to my Uphold Account. Uphold is verified but it doesnt works.
With my Android Smartphone it works fine since 2 months but not with my PC. I use my PC primary and will send the BATs to my Uphold account. My PC and Android Smartphone are synchronized. Pls help me…

I have the same problem. I see my BAT in my Brave Rewards but 0.00 in my Uphold (yes, it’s verified).

Hi @AlperOzer - if your wallet is verified, your funds will automatically deposit on the 6th-7th.

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@steevan, in the last week I got many ads and they are listed in the browser as well. But no bat is credited for those ads. The ads are almost 10 to 15+

Who can help me about this?

Hi @Rohit552 - can you share a screenshot of your transaction history? Thanks in advance!

Hello @steeven, I tried Contacting you from yesterday, I think you are not Available. I had a problem while claiming bats in Android. it was showing an Error. Please check it and tell me the solution.

Screenshot for Reference.


Here I’m attaching the reported post.

Pls iska koi solution mile to batana mere phone me bi claim ni hora yahi error show kar raha hai

Google translator :- Plus if there is any solution to this, tell me that the claim is not in my phone as well.

Don’t use google translate here. That won’t translate exactly what you say in your native language.

sure bro. but no solution till now

Sorry Steven it doesnt work… Its work only for my Android Smartphone but not for my pc…

Actually my Barve Browser on PC:

Pls help me…

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