BAT collected in my desktop browser are not transferred to my verified Uphold account

Hello everyone.
I am a registered Uphold account holder. I am using Brave on my Desktop machine.
I have registered and linked my Uphold account with the Brave on Desktop browser
but the BAT collected in my Android Browser has not yet been transferred to my uphold account for about three months.

What do I need to do to fix this situation? Regards.


Hi @fcalderon29, please DM your wallet payment ID. Thanks!

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hello steve… already readm my dm ?

is my case already on progress or still investigate ( in other word… no payment )

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Hi, Steeven. Did you receive my DM? I’d like to know if this issue has a solution.


Hi Steeven!

Was there a resolution to this issue? I seem to be experiencing the same problem!

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Hi @MyValidID, this is a known issue and is being investigated by the dev team.

BAT vs Current ads Prices shocking you :stuck_out_tongue:

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