Still no payout for April. Is it just late?

I still haven’t got any of my brave payouts for this month (April)…last month I received it late, on the 17th or 18th, but this month, I have not received them. One of my payouts said to expect 10.xxxx bat. I get payouts from brave on PC, and brave mobile, and brave beta mobile.

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Same. Still waiting, will be may soon then what

Are both of yall’s wallets verified with Uphold?

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Yes, I’ve sent you my Uphold ID as well.
Thanks for answering!

This is due to a known issue that is being resolved presently:

Yes. The only thing different is both braves on my mobile, says “disconnected” at the top left when I click rewards triangle. When I try to reconnect, it brings up uphold app. Then says like "re-authenticate " at the bottom, when I click it, it just goes to the main screen at says “something went wrong” at the top. But I’m pretty sure it said that last month but I still got the payout. You have manually sent me bat a couple times in the past because of it not showing up. I haven’t had a problem for months though. Other than payout being on the 17th or 18th last month, instead of around the 7th, when payout started.

My brave just on Mobile right now says 14.490 bat earned so far this month, so last month was around there.

This is this months.

I thought ads were capped at 21 per day. How did you achieve 1250 so far this month?

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