Rewards not deposited again, switching to firefox

Well once again brave failed to deposit BAT this month again. Its always something and they always have an excuse. They’re working on it or they are looking into it. I have 2 laptops, a work one and personal. I also have 3 cell phones. 1 personal and 2 work phones. none of them have had the BAT deposited like it says on April 5th. Im a creator and I have had over 20 confirmed downloads. Now i look like an idiot because I talked about Brave to my work Colleagues. Yall cant deliver and I look like an Idiot because you failed to do your part. Im going back to firefox as well as everyone at work. I own the company so I can have them use whatever I want them too. I sent a mass email out a few mins ago to delete the browser. Its not the money that Im after. As I do not need the 120 dollars in bat that Im owed. yall need it more then I do. If a company fails to deliver they go out of business, and with all the problems i have seen ppl talking about over payout the last 2 months. yall are headed for the unemployment line. have fun


Closed as duplicate of Still haven't received Feb. rewards, it is now April and it says next payment May- 2 months skipped?