Reward Italy country

I have the following problem:

I live in Europe, to be more precise in Italy, and I actively use the Brave Browser. Over time, a corresponding number of BATs have accumulated. When I try to verify my wallet, an error message appears because I live in Europe and this function is not yet available in Italy.
What can I do now? What does Brave do for European users?
I have Brave in 2 device but in this device I have this error.

hmm should be able to verify with uphold in Italy, gemini is only allowing US users currently.

I have an android phone and a laptop which are connected to Brave and Gemini in Italy …

the gemini change is recent

Thanks, I didn’t know! this is a big problem! I had recently downloaded my Bats, now I would have to wait until I have 15 to be able to Uphold … I hope it is not permanent

yea the required minimum for verifying is odd. maybe file a ticket using the link below. ask if there is any way they could wave the requirement or issue you enough bat to meet it.

thanks, great advice, I try to ask!

Pretty weird that you have a minimum limit of 15 BATs. As far as I know, its 2 BATs. If you already have an Uphold account, you can log in. The 2 BATs minimum is for sign up for Uphold option.

I try to check, maybe I remember wrong

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I actually just checked for me. I have 11 BATs and it does let me log in to Uphold and doesn’t give the minimum BAT popup.

new info on the gemini issue

Yeah, I’m just waiting on more confirmation from him. Not sure if Gemini is back to 100% of countries, only the 19, or to which extent. It will be nice to know for certain.

So yeah, it was just confirmed. If you had your current browser profile connected to Gemini in the past, you can now reconnect. Gemini for existing Users is back to 100%, meaning ALL previously included countries (including India and all) can now connect.

Of course, doesn’t work if you’re trying to connect a new device/browser or if you’ve not linked/verified to Gemini before.

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