I cant claim the bat rewards even tho i connected to Gemini

Hello, i cant claim them or connect my Gemini. Also im from Croatia and as i checked it is supported . Any other tips how to claim them?

Hey, could you be more specific about the issue with claiming?

Also Croatia isn’t supported for Brave Rewards Verification as of now. THe list you checked was probably the one which was for supported regions for Brave Ads (reward ads).
The link for supported regions I’m giving below →

Brave is working on getting workable regions back by the end of the year so you’ll have to wait till Croatia is supported again to connect to Uphold/Gemini.

Oh thanks for the info then ill have to wait i guess

Yeah, BTW you’ll still be participating in Rewards and earning BATs, only you won’t be able to practise the advantages of connecting to a exchange wallet

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