Verifying with Gemini now only available for US Gemini accounts (Brave Rewards)

Dear Brave Community,

In consultation with the team at Gemini, verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini will now be limited to Gemini accounts in the United States (US).

Existing users connected to Gemini

If you are already connected to Gemini (including with a Gemini account that is not from the United States), your Rewards profile will remain connected to your Gemini account, and you will continue receiving Brave Ads earnings payouts to your Gemini account.

If you press “Disconnect from Gemini”, your Brave Rewards profile will return to being “unverified”, and will no longer be connected to your Gemini account. Note that if you disconnect, you will not be able to reconnect after this point if your Gemini account is not from the US.

Will anything happen to my BAT?

Don’t worry; even if you don’t have a US Gemini account, any BAT that has already been paid to you and is already in your Gemini account will remain there, and is not affected by these changes. You can always access your Gemini account via Gemini’s website at

What do I do if my country is not supported by Gemini?

You can always find the latest list of supported regions on this support page, and your region may still be supported by our other custodial partners.

Is this permanent?

Not necessarily. We are in constant communication with our custodial partners to determine how soon we can re-enable support for more regions.

We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience these new limitations may cause. We understand that regional support is very important to our users all around the world, and we are actively working on solutions with our custodial partners that will help us re-enable more regions. We also understand that things can get a little confusing when your region goes from supported to unsupported, and will be here to answer your questions.

Thank you.


Update for existing users (users outside the US who were connected and verified with Gemini prior to these region changes):

You can connect and verify your Brave Rewards profile with Gemini again, even if you do not have a US Gemini account.

This includes users who were previously connected and verified with a Gemini account but have pressed “Disconnect from Gemini”, and users in the “Logged out” state.

cc: @Saoiray