BAT gone - Gemini account was verified for months, but now my country is not 'supported'?

How am I supposed to know that a company that Brave recommended me to use, would suddenly decide to not support my country anymore?

I’ve lost my BAT stack once before while re-installing my PC - that’s on me.
But now I’m losing my rewards again, this time because of something I can’t control?
When I try to login into Gemini now - it just says my country isn’t supported.

Is there anything I can do to get my BAT back? Does anyone have the same issue?

Also, Gemini’s website says my country IS supported.

Are you trying to log in to Gemini via the brave rewards synch section? Because the unsupported region thing is ONLY regarding linking brave browser to Gemini, not Gemini the site itself. So just log in to Gemini on their site and your BATs will be there

To sum it up, if your region is NOT on the list in the quoted message above, then what I quoted below applies to you.

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