Request for help: Window is still running after closing it.

Hello, I noticed that when I close a page in Brave and reopen it, my login information on the plugin is still there. Does this mean the window is running in the background instead of truly closing? How can I set it to completely close the window without affecting other windows?

@zk555 You haven’t really given enough information to be able to get any answers. (I mean, I might have answered, but it helps if you can be very specific and provide information. Otherwise it’s a lot of guessing)

To start with:

  • What OS?

  • What version of Brave?

But then…

What plugin? Do you mean extension? Or you referring to the idea that you’re still logged into the website? Keep in mind that unless you’re clearing cookies, it would make sense for it to remain logged in. Sorry if I’m really dancing around on questions, but want to make sure I’m understanding what you’re asking.

Yes and no. Let me first link to a post from Mattches, who is Browser Support for Brave.

So like he mentioned, it would remember your credentials without having to remain running. Also it doesn’t necessarily keep running in the background by default.

The reason why I say yes is because it depends on OS and what your settings are. For example, on Desktop:


If you have that selected and are using any extensions on Brave, you’ll see that Brave will stay in the system tray, such as in screenshot below:

Photos 4_27_2023 14_46_06

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